Energy Storage Summit viewpoint by Keila Abreu

Last month our Development Director Keila Abreu was a panellist at the Energy Storage Summit.

Speaking on Overcoming Siting and Planning Constraints to Build Batteries, Keila spoke alongside Alex Mitchell, Masdar Arlington Energy, Chris Buckland, Lightsource BP and Lily Coles of SMS Plc, and expertly moderating by Cristiano Spillati of Limes Renewable Energy.

With over 1,000 delegates attending the ambience was buzzing.

Keila shared the following thoughts from the summit:

* The market trends and revenue streams were very interesting. It is Impressive how quickly the energy market changes in the UK, hopefully volatility will decrease in the near future.

* There is a good balance between the UK growth in energy storage and the European market, with significant lessons to be learned from the UK development to ease the transition in Europe too.

* It was clear that the whole energy sector is suffering from the backlog on new connections, looking forward to the implementation of new policies to address this issue in the coming months.

* With great panellists it was interesting to see the different approaches to siting and development across different projects.

Looking forward to attending next year.